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Custom Engineering

Custom Engineering 

If there is a particular machine you need to build Ellworx has the capability to design, manufacture, and test. We have produced a range of different machines successfully from Trial Plot Seeders to Feedgrain fermenters.

Here are just a couple of the bespoke machines we have manufactured in the past.

Trial Plot Seeder

This machine was built for the CSIRO and incorporated a rear toolbar with 9 Horwood Bagshaw tyne assemblies, two cone seeders, two small hoppers, and a Liquid Systems unit for using liquids such as fertiliser, and wetting agents.

 Grain Regenerator

This machine was made for a customer who wanted to soak grains with supplements for feeding to livestock. It heated the grain/water mix and maintained agitation over a period of at least 24 hours. It then dispensed the feed into troughs for livestock stock, all controlled by a pendant from the vehicle cabin.

So do you need a bespoke machine manufactured? Call us now and find out what we can do.