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Mine Air Seeder

The Ellworx Self Powered Mine Seeder (SPMS) has been designed to solve the problem of seeding and fertilising even the most difficult rehabilitated mine site terrains. It will accurately apply seed while attached to a bulldozer ripping and traversing slopes of 20-degrees.

More than often the ability to seed effectively is compromised by the need to prevent erosion through deep ripping into a less than an ideal seedbed. If there is uneven soil after ripping it can be even more frustrating, as it is very difficult to manage seed depth.

Seeding into challenging terrain is further complicated by the need to accurately meter multiple types of seed ranging from fluffy low-density to small hard and dense seed.

The Ellworx Mine Air Seeder is carefully designed to solve these issues. With our seeders, seeding while ripping can become your safest and easiest option.

What Features Does It Have?

  • Can seed while deep ripping and traversing batters of up to 20 degrees
  • The seed drum comes with four chambers and infinitely variable opening settings allowing multiple seed types to be metered in a single pass
  • Agitators and drum rotation ensure uniformity of the seed mix and reduce the possibility of blockages.
  • Fertiliser is metered by a 200mm long 50mm diameter fluted roller with easily adjustable speed
  • The carefully designed suspension provides good vibration and impact isolation between the operation platform and the dozer and ripper tynes. This stabilises metering accuracy and reduces mechanical fatigue.
  • Fan for blockage free air distribution of seed and fertiliser
  • Powered by diesel over hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulics, fan, seed drum, and fertiliser meter are all able to be adjusted from the Dozer Cabin
  • Seeder operation is controlled from the cabin via a control panel incorporating a screen. The screen provides feedback on seeder and metering speeds
  • Easy filling from the platform
  • Removal by forklift or lifting
  • Easy fitting to ripper bar