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Revegetation Consulting

With many years of combined experience in Agriculture and Engineering, Ellworx provides a full professional service for getting your seed to the ground for optimal germination and survival.

With large scale revegetation it is vitally important to optimise the rate of germination, especially considering the significant cost of seed. Ellworx offers site-specific advice, and customised design to improve seed germination and reduce expensive seed waste.

A successful revegetation program is more than just spreading seed and hoping for the best. Many factors need to be accounted for with seedbed preparation, seasonal conditions, sowing depth, soil type and condition, just being a few of the variables that can impact the likelihood that seeds germinate. In addition, the common requirement to mitigate erosion by deep ripping while seeding can heavily compromise the chances of germination.

Through strategic seed placement, and seedbed cultivation germination rate can be dramatically improved. By using specially designed harrows positioned behind the bulldozer ripper tynes it is possible to optimise the conditions for growth in difficult terrain.

Our seeders aim to provide a large range of options to suit most seed types, but one thing we cannot control is the seed quality, uniformity, and trash content. This can have a major effect on rate and in worst cases require recalibration between batches. It is critical to ensure your seed supplier provides quality seed, which is cleaned of trash. There are several supplies around WA and Australia. One supplier that we are able to recommend is Red Dirt Seeds.

Our seeders will also meter pelletised seed accurately using a customised metering roller that minimises pellet crushing. We have been working closely with Nurture Revegetation to ensure our meters and delivery system perform with their pellets.

On top of the varied potential terrains, every customer has a different range of seeds they want to use, usually endemic to the site. They also come in many forms, ranging from fluffy low-density seeds, to hard dense seeds and everywhere between.

Our seeders attempt to allow for this large range in medium using a seed drum with four different size chambers. There is also a choice of three slide designs which improve the resolution for very fine seed. The mine seeder also caters for pelletised, or coated seed by using a metering roller. Based on the landscape conditions as well as the nature of the seed we will be able to determine the optimal conditions for germination, and what cultivation if any is necessary.

There is a lot of seed-enhancement technology being developed producing a more uniform, or flowable seed. These treatments also aim to improve germination, and emergence. Kings Park in Perth have been trialling a number of techniques from coating, pelletising, priming, and flame flashing to remove undesirable appendages which make accurate metering difficult. The following paper describes some of these techniques A case study of seed-use technology development for Pilbara mine site rehabilitation. Ellworx works closely with Kings Park to ensure the delivery system keeps up with new seed advances, and vise-versa.

Revegetation Consulting